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The Synchronicity: When the Mind is Free of Old Programs and the Body is Open to Receive

Our Services

The Synchronicity: When the Mind is Free of Old Programs and the Body is Open to Receive

Energy healing unlocks our inner powers no matter the situation.
We let go of the attachment to the past.
We free our body and mind of a pain.
We transmute the old and broken.
If you are at the end of your rope, I want you to know that this: Our body has magnificent way of healing and resetting at its core!
Let me show you how you can heal from within and find the peace, harmony, and clarity you deserve!

Subconscious Release Technique untangles the knots of the past, while Shamanic Reiki delves deep into your body, gently releasing trapped emotions and pain, creating space for genuine healing.

It All starts with you

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How You Can Work With Me

Group & Personal Alignment

In-Person & Distant Healing

Tailored to target your specific needs, our sessions bring balance, rejuvenation, and inner harmony. Whether you're shedding daily stress, facing health challenges, or seeking mental peace, our goal is to promote relaxation and enhance your well-being. Leave each session feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

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Distant healing: Reiki practitioners are attuned to the distance healing symbol which allows them to send Reiki across time and space. Schedule your virtual healing.

MONTHLY Group Healing Classes

Within our core practices, which encompass Reiki for energetic rebalancing and Subconscious Releasing to shift deep-seated beliefs, you'll encounter techniques such as Grounding, establishing an electrical connection with Earth's energies for stability and centeredness, and Energetic Shielding, providing protection and balance for your body's electrical current. This holistic combination facilitates a meditative state, fostering deep rejuvenation, healing, and transformation. Engage in guided meditation, mindfulness practice, breathwork, and the powerful Subconscious Release Technique, all infused with the empowering energy of Shamanic Reiki.

Want to facilitate group healing for your company, tribe, or women's circle? Call or schedule discovery call with me.



  1. Subconscious Reprogramming & Shamanic Reiki: Begin your journey by reprogramming negative thought patterns and healing stored energies, paving the way for profound changes in your relationships.

  2. Clearing & Healing: Address past traumas and limiting beliefs, fostering emotional healing and growth essential for building healthier connections.

  3. Vibration Rises: Experience a positive shift in your energy as emotional healing occurs, elevating your confidence and self-assurance.

  4. New Attraction: With your newfound positivity, attract meaningful, positive relationships effortlessly, reflecting your transformed inner state.”


Is it time to make the shift?

Don't wait any longer. Contact us today to start your transformative journey. Let us help you navigate the obstacles, refine your approach, and unlock your better tomorrows.

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