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Your Authentic Voice Is Your Greatest Power
and Most Unique Asset.

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All the effort, all the dreams, all the fights for a better future – it all came to an end. 

Your world suddenly became unrecognizable after the painful end of your divorce, romantic relationship or loss of a partner.

Everything you worked for is gone. Your identity was part of the foundation that no longer exists, leaving you confused, lost and lonely.


You want to move on, but how, when the emptiness takes over, hate and anger show up unannounced, and bitterness is lingering for much too long. 

You worry about what the future brings, and if you’ll ever love again. You thought the fight is over, yet new challenges are coming your way. Millions of questions flood your mind as you try to figure out what to do next. The pain, fear, and stress supplemented by mood swings form this new “normal” of your life is affecting your self-esteem, sleep, health, and even your work performance.

Our Clients Often Tell us

I really don’t know who I am, who my true self really is.

I’m stuck, suffocating and don’t know which way to go… I keep silent but all I want is to scream.

My world collapsed and shred into tiny pieces and I don’t know how to put it back together.

I am trapped in my circumstances.

I truly believe that I will never find love again.

I don’t know if I am strong enough to take action and finally move on.

My life is empty after divorce.

Sometimes I just feel like it’s too late.

I am not sure I make the right decisions. I am so confused and usure of what to do next.

I feel judged and afraid of what others think of me. I feel so undesirable.

I can’t let go of not being enough.

I don’t feel good in my own skin.

I feel so betrayed. I don’t deserve to be treated like this.

My marriage was effectively over 2 to 3 years prior to asking for the divorce.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

I can’t stop comparing myself to others. I feel insignificant.

I can’t forgive the lies.

WHY is it so hard to move on?

Because we are unique so as our challenges that creates our reality. Our believes and life experiences shapes how we see ourselves, others, and the world. This is what makes us and our challenges unique. And this is why every person has their own path of healing and their own ways of moving forward in life and finding joy. But there is one thing that we can all use that can help us move forward.

Our OWN Communication Is the Key to Building a New Chapter of Our Life.

In everyday conversations we connect with others. We share and express our thoughts, desires, hopes and dreams, as well as your challenges, fears and problems. By becoming curious and exploring what we are saying and why we are saying it, we can begin to understand the reasons of OUR personal challenges that prevent us from living the life you love.

Your Communication Is Your Personal Guide

Understand what is really causing you to feel the way you feel and get to the underlying cause. Get to the root of your challenges to change your life for good.

Be the hero of your story.

Be the lover of your glory.

The Map of Truth Method

The Map of Truth Method has been developed through extensive observations, the transformative power of our interpretation and the impact of our words in everyday conversations that influence relationships with others, as well as the relationship we have with ourselves.

As we searched for the best approach to help others, we realized that it’s hard for our clients to move forward after a life altering event turns everything upside down because they can’t see what needs to change.

The Map of Truth Method bridges the gap between recognizing and understanding why you say, feel and do certain things the way you do, and offers guidance on how to move forward toward the life you envision for yourself.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Love Your Life

Coaching Services

To all the wonderful women who are searching for ways to mute the inner voice of discontent and sweep away the unfulfillment of life.



Tailored to achieve a SPECIFIC goal and a lasting shift in your confidence.

For Example: Out on a Date, Talking to My Ex, Asking for Promotion; Public Speech/Presentation; Going Live on Camera; Family Reunion; Wedding, Book Publishing or others.



Designed to support you in:



Re-Build The Acceptance, Respect & Love For Yourself.


Reestablish compassion towards negative emotions and become more loving, gentle, and kind towards yourself. Create positive self-image of yourself and feel good in your own skin. See a certain situation/yourself/others more clearly – accept responsibilities, mistakes, flaws and imperfections … we all have them. Learn how to understand yourself on a deeper level to create desired changes.


Strengthen Your Courage And Trust Your Own Judgment And Abilities.


Regain control over your life and have the power to change things. Respect your own views & stand up for yourself. Become more resilient, stronger, open-minded, creative, and more adaptable to a change, enhancing your self-confidence. Sort through problems and find new solutions – go outside of your comfort zone. Build courage, trust your own judgment, and believe in your ability to embrace what comes next so that you never feel like you need to ask permission again.


Create Stronger And Healthier Personal And/Or Professional Relationships


Heal your past wounds to make space for new beginnings. Understand your core strengths, qualities and skills that can help you to overcome obstacles in life. Respect your own views & stand up for yourself. See your own your worth so that you can recognize, set, and reinforce boundaries in your relationships. Strengthen communication skill for more effective conversations. Sort through problems and find new solutions, even if they are outside of your comfort zone. Gather information to gain clear picture of your needs and desires.

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